A17-year-old pilot became the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a small aircraft on Wednesday when he landed in Bulgaria, where his journey kicked off five months ago.

Mack Rutherford, a Belgian-British dual national, landed on an airstrip west of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, to complete his task and to claim two Guinness World Records. 

Along with becoming the youngest person to fly around the world by himself, Rutherford is the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe in a microlight plane

\Rutherford said he hoped his achievement would inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

"Simply follow your fantasies, regardless of how old you are — try sincerely and push ahead to accomplish your objectives," he said after he got out of the airplane.

His sister, Zara, who completed her own excursion worldwide trip in January at age 19, recently held the ultralight record.

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The journey, which began March 23, took Rutherford through 52 countries over five continents. He turned 17 during the trip.

To set a mark recognized by the Guinness World Records, he crossed the equator twice.

Naturally introduced to a group of pilots, Rutherford qualified for his pilot's permit in 2020, which at that point, made him the most youthful pilot on the planet at 1 years old