Anyone who has stayed at a Disney hotel orcruised with Disney has probably used the H2O+ branded soaps, lotions, and assorted toiletries.

Disney created a special line of products for the Star Wars hotel. The scent is so familiar to guests that it even has its own name: "Disney's A Splash of Romance."

Now, in a move that surprised many Mouse of House fans, the San Francisco-headquartered firm announced that it was ceasing operations.

"After 30+ years of innovation, we are making the difficult decision to retire our brand at the end of this year," said a former Disney partner on its website.

H2O Water reminded shoppers to buy their favorite products on Amazon while supplies last.

For over three decades, a skincare manufacturer has created products to help people feel empowered and confident.

Our rigorous quality standards, innovative technology, and the power of water provide clean and clinically proven hydration for vibrant skin.

Disney has not given a reason for the closure, but liquidation proceedings were initiated against Pola Orbis in April by a Disney partner.

The business environment surrounding H20+ has become very difficult, causing the company to fall short of performance plans.

The document says, "Despite various measures undertaken to date, we have determined that there is no longer any benefit to continuing this business."