Avatar is returning to theater

But disappearing from Disney Plus

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to release this December 

But it has a pretty major problem: 

it’s a sequel to a film that came out 13 years ago. Meanwhile 

Most of us can barely remember what happened on last week’s episode of She-Hulk  

when Avatar 2 hits theaters, there could be a lot of confusion if characters start talking about unobtanium 

Toruks, RDA, or the Noble Clyde Boudreaux. 

(One of those things isn’t actually in the movie — see if you can guess which one.) 

James Cameron and crew, however, have come up with a solution 

Rerelease the first Avatar in theaters.

According to a trailer released on Tuesday 

The 2009 movie is coming back to theaters for two weeks starting September 23rd and will be shown in “all formats