A New Mexico driver was rescued from the roof of his partially submerged vehicle after being swept away by floodwaters.

According to Justin Powell, chief of the Dexter Fire & Rescue Department, an incident occurred early Saturday morning 

following an attempted crossing of the Felix River between the towns of Dexter and Hagerman.

Powell posted a Facebook status update saying that the driver,  

whose vehicle was still floating down stream, was "quickly overtaken by the fast-moving water."

First responders had initially checked a crossing, but found no one and no vehicle.

Powell wrote that the incident was "immediately spread [out] to all other crossings to try and locate the victim."

When the vehicle and driver were found roughly 1/4-1/2 mile downstream,   

Dexter Fire and Police immediately surveyed the driver for any wounds and different casualties

Video of the salvage shows a person on call joined to a rope assisting a man with getting a bridle onto his body.

Photographs later show the man in midriff profound water advancing out of the area, before at long last arriving at the shore.

"This was a tremendous coordinated effort of different organizations and fortunately nobody was harmed during this salvage,

" Powell said. "The casualty was checked by EMS yet denied any vehicle or medicines