The series, “Echoes” puts great emphasis on the childhood days of the twin sisters. It reveals that Leni was born first, and Gina followed shortly after.

In the same manner in which the elder of twins often makes a big deal about being born first, Leni takes precedence over Gina’s thoughts and decisions as they grow up. 

Despite having warm memories of loving nurture with their mother, the two girls could not enjoy their mother’s presence as she passed away from terminal illness

Although they had their father, Victor, and elder sister, Claudia, around them all the time, the twins seemed to have grown slightly lonely.

This made them get closer to each other.

It was very early on that they started to enjoy confusing people

with their similar appearances so only their mother could tell the difference between Leni and Gina when either one spoke to her.

Leni and Gina were born as twins and have always been close. They loved smiles and enjoyed confusing people with their similar appearances.