People have been rescued after record-breaking rainfall soaked the Dallas-Fort Worth area, leaving streets turned into rivers and cars submerged..

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said a 60-year-old woman died when her vehicle was swept away by floodwaters.

Jenkins, the county's top official, declared a state of disaster after about 15 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in one section of east Dallas.

“It grabbed my BMW, four doors down, and swept it away in one move,” Brent Proctor told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. “It’s already completely totaled out.”

The area saw significant rainfall Sunday through Monday, with 9.19 inches of rain recorded at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport between Sunday and Monday, 

The record is 9.57 inches over 24 hours in September 1932.

One part of Dallas, Texas, recorded 15 inches of rain on Sunday, while other areas saw far less.

Video and photos posted on social media showed streets flooded with water and cars submerged in window-high floods.

Highway 30 was enlarged with water in recordings shared on the web, with heavy transport trucks and vehicles stopped

some part of the way lowered early Monday in midtown Dallas, a long time prior to morning busy time.