Kendall Jenner shared her nighttime ritual for calming her anxiety before bed.

The 26-year-old supermodel recently told Vogue that she uses tricks to ease her mind during nighttime hours.

Jenner said she likes to wind down in the evenings by drinking tea and relaxing by reading a book or writing in her journal.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and it can have good and bad days.

she explained. “15 minutes of meditation helps me settle my anxiety so I can get a good night’s rest

The Kardashians star has admitted that she’s trying to make sure she doesn’t spend too much time on her phone at night.

“I usually try to avoid looking at my phone an hour before I go to sleep,” Jenner said.

Kendall Jenner has discussed her ongoing mental health struggles and her battle with anxiety in the past.

In April, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum posted a photo on Instagram.

She shared some of the habits she follows to help manage her anxiety with her followers

She included a beautiful video clip showing off her backyard garden.