Maheep Kapoor says she felt it was important to reveal that Sanjay Kapoor had cheated on her.

During one episodes, Maheep Kapoor will reveal that her husband Sanjay Kapoor cheated on her during their 25-year marriage.

Maheep told, "There's nothing that's been difficult. Everything just happened."

She said, "We've pushed the envelope on this show—showing our real side. I hope women will understand that everything isn't always hunky dory."

There are highs, lows and in between. We all experience them, struggle through them and then get on with it.

Maheep said, "I have not spoken about it with Sanjay. They'll find out about it on the show."

For those who are unaware of this, Maheep and Sanjay have been married for more than two decades now.

They were married in the year 1997 and are proud parents to their two children, Shanaya Kapoor and Jahaan Kapoor.