Producer Ravindhar Chandrasekharan marries famous actress

Producer Ravindhar Chandresekharan married popular actress Mahalakshmi today.

The wedding took place in Tirupati this morning at 11 am with family members, 

Close friends and close relatives in attendance 

After getting married, Ravindhar has said that most people will want to marry a girl like Mahalakshmi but he has married the very Mahalakshmi.

The actress shared her wedding photo with her fans, writing "I am lucky to have you in my life.. You fill up my life with your warm love.. Love you Ammu❤️".

Mahalakshmi, who has a son, was previously married to Anil but divorced him due to various issues in 2019.

According to her Instagram post, she met Ravindhar while doing a character role in his upcoming film, Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru.