Ranbir Kapoor who said 'I like beef' faced difficulties for the film. 

All IMG Credit -  instagram.com

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt combination's Brahmastra is all set to hit the theatres. 

Alia Bhatt, despite being pregnant, has been strutting around like a woman on wheels for the film's promotions. Ranbir has also toured various states to promote the film. 

Many years ago, he had said in an interview that Brahmastra had brought trouble to the cinema. 

Theirs is a non-vegetarian family. We eat various types of non-veg including beef. 

He said that he especially likes beef. This word is a thorn in their side.  

Those who worship cow as god are not ready to listen to this. So they are commenting on social media that Brahmastra movie should be boycotted. 

Although this video was ten years ago, there was no ban on beef, but now the video is going viral. 

Many have commented not to watch anti-Hindu movies. 

Also, the words spoken by Alia Bhatt in the past also added fuel to the fire. 

In general, the film Brahmastra has been criticized from all sides.