HBO Max may be going through a tough time of it at the moment — cancelling and losing a whole lot of content ahead of its merger with Discovery Plus —

but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Perhaps to reassure subscribers that there’s still plenty to look forward to,

HBO Max shared a showcase of upcoming Originals set to air in the coming months and years,

 and top billing was given to the dramatic adaptation of PlayStation classic The Last of Us.

In a multi-show trailer that includes extremely brief clips of The White House Plumbers, House of the Dragon, Succession,.

The White Lotus, Industry and many more, The Last of Us receives a full 20 seconds at the end. You can see it at 1:42 in the video above.

You don’t see any Infected in the clips, but you do get a sense that the dark,

isolated and hopeless atmosphere of the game will be replicated in the vibe of the show. , 

“Everybody I've cared for has either died or left me,” Ellie cheerlessly says at one point. Joel decides that one-upping a depressed 15-year-old in the grief stakes is a sensitive thing to do, and duly replies: 

“You have no idea what loss is.” And it looks like the movie will be good, so we're hopeful.