Three people arrested over robbery at Chanel Collection store in Paris

Around 1pm on Saturday, the employee of a shop located on Avenue de la Station in Paris reported an ongoing robbery that ended in the arrest of all three criminals. 

What at first appeared to be a one-man job soon turned out to involve an organised gang.

While the main offender stole a number of perfume bottles and acted aggressively towards staff members, his accomplices were busy stealing other valuable objects.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested both men, who resisted the arrest.

In the midst the commotion, one suspect even managed to steal the wristwatch of a security guard.

Once police had the situation under control, they took the three offenders to the station. A subsequent body search revealed a further number of stolen items.

The prosecutor's office thus ordered the arrests of all three people. On Monday morning, they were brought before a judge.