Discovery’s purchase of CNN earlier this year promised changes at the struggling network, and now those changes appear to be coming to fruition

The big, albeit not surprising, media news earlier this week entails CNN media critic Brian Stelter leaving the network not long after publicly criticizing one of the power brokers at Discovery

 And unless career self-destruction was the goal, it’s hard to see why Stelter thought it was a good idea to say the following about Discovery’s largest shareholder, John Malone. 

“The people who say the Zucker-era CNN was lacking in real journalism clearly were not watching CNN directly,” 

 Stelter proclaimed earlier this year after then-CNN President Jeff Zucker was shown the door.  

“My best guess is that they were watching talking heads and reading columnists complain about CNN. And yes, I’m including John Malone in this.”

Yep, you read that correctly. The network’s top media reporter publicly accused one of his new bosses of being misinformed while defending his former boss, who ran the network into the ground 

CNN’s viewership is down more than 75 percent since Joe Biden took office. This collapse was predicted by none other than former ABC “Nightline” anchor Ted Koppel in 2018,  

“The ratings are up, it means you can’t do without Donald Trump. You would be lost without Donald Trump,” Koppel told Stelter at the time.

“CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump,” Koppel said as the audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., laughed.